Medical Plus Bali takes pleasure in its role of providing medical care for patient who are looking for doctor and physiotherapist that well trained and capable in good english. We offers the service that brings profesional medical care to the comfort and convenience to your home, villa or hotels all around seminyak, kuta, canggu bali.
Jl. Mertanadi No.44B, Kerobokan Kelod

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On Call Doctor Service

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On Call Doctor

On Call Doctor is a home visiting doctor’s service that’s redefining the On-call doctor service in Bali

With our service, not only will you receive treatment when your regular GP clinic or doctor is closed, but you’ll also be treated by one of our doctors in the comfort of your own home, hotel or villa. Just like the old days, we are bringing the traditional “On Call Service” back.

Medical Plus Bali Provide Doctors On Call service.  We offer 100%  Family Practice Physicians with decades of experience, who will help you by providing Best Medical Service to  hotels, villa or resorts.  Rain or shine, our doctors provide their patients with the utmost in professional care, unparalleled bedside manner and peace of mind.  Medical Plus Bali will get you back to your vacation or business plans faster than anyone else; and our prices will make you happy that you chose the extraordinary convenience of on call medical care, rather than the long waits and aggravation that sometimes accompany visits to area walk-in clinics or emergency rooms

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