Medical Plus Bali takes pleasure in its role of providing medical care for patient who are looking for doctor and physiotherapist that well trained and capable in good english. We offers the service that brings profesional medical care to the comfort and convenience to your home, villa or hotels all around seminyak, kuta, canggu bali.
Jl. Mertanadi No.44B, Kerobokan Kelod

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I was on my way to Siloam when I saw this place and their sign that says “minor surgery”. Perfect! I didn’t have to drive all the way down Sunset Road and deal with the long check-in process and wait around for my turn in the hospital. There was no one else here! I had a cut that hadn’t been healing properly and the doctor here gave me a local anesthetic, cut off the badly-formed scar tissue, stitched me back up tight and straight, and sent me on my way with antibiotics and an anti inflammatory. She did great work. Everyone here is super friendly and very professional. Highly recommended.
Jeffrey Ritger
FINALLY PROFFESSIONAL !!!!!!! After visiting like 5 hospitals and 5 skin doctors, finally i got help here ! None of doctors before DID NOT recognize ringworm ... everyone was giving me anti allergic tablet what i found ridicolous as ringworm is yeast infection so it would never go so far if they helped me earlier !! I had infection all over my leg and God bless doctor in this place !!!! Thank you very much for your help !
Eva Haščíková
My daughter was bitten by a stray dog. The staff and doctor were fantastic. Took us straight in, gave her the vaccine, treated the wound and gave us antibiotics and vaccination schedule to take home to Australia. They even sent a follow up email the next day to see how she was. If only Australia had the same level of care. Fantastic. Highly recommend them.
Saskia Toohey

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